Beauty Tricks Alicja Loves

Years ago, there weren’t as many beauty products available as there are today, and people had to make do with what they had available to them. Today, rather than paying sarge sums of money to get the best miracle cream for shadows under the eyes, hair softener, or skin tightener, people today can do the same as those from decades past.

Revive That Eyeliner

A good way to revitalize that eyeliner that might be on its way to the trash bin, instead take a lighter to the tip of it for a few seconds to make the lead softer and easier to apply. Make sure to give it a few moments to cool down before applying, as it will be very hot.

Tighten Pores

If not a fan of cold water, this may seem like a horrid idea, but, by submerging the face into a bowl of cold water for eight to ten minutes, one can revitalize their tired skin. This is due to the blood flow constricting due to the cold, which will temporarily tighten the skin.

De-Puff Those Eyes

Long nights staring at computer screens and working hard can be tough on the eyes, but using Earl grey tea to not only calm the senses, but also to calm the eyes is a great idea. After brewing some tea, take the tea bags and place them in the fridge until they are cold, then apply each bag to an eye and relax for ten minutes while sipping on that tea that was brewed. This works wonders due to the anti-irritant properties for in the tea.

Naturally Tone Skin

Using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water can do wonders for the skin. Make a solution of one part cider and three parts water to apply to skin to dry out pimples and tone the skin. If a stronger solution is needed, go ahead and play around with it.

Moisturize Those Locks

Olive oil is the perfect moisturizer to help liven up those dull locks of hair. Heat up the oil in the microwave for ten seconds so that it is warm, and then apply to the strands of hair that need it. Keep it in the hair for about twenty minutes, and then shampoo out. The results from the fatty acids coating the shaft of the hair to keep it healthy and protected from any damage will leave the hair softer and shinier than it was before.